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We give you a place where you can buy every sustainable luxury skincare brand

sharing the same values: sustainability + organic formulation + minimal aesthetic + making a positive impact on the community.

Your skin matters to us, self-care is one of the most lovely ways to show us love and respect for ourselves, using vegan products makes your skin healthier and at the same time you are contributing  to make a conscious wellness environment.



We work with brands that are aligned with our values and minimal aesthetics. Our values are sustainability,  organic formulation with scientific evidence, minimal aesthetics and making a positive impact on the community. You can trust on our selection of products and ask  our pharmacist about questions and skin types. Recommended for all skin's types including hypersensitive skin because the future is sustainable and vegan.


We are a business professionals with experience in corporate business and healthcare. Our mission is to bring you a place with all the luxury skincare sustainable over the world in one place, easy for you, sharing the same values. We make you easier for you to have a healthy skin.


We offer only sustainable products organic formulated and sustainable packaging. Our phylosophy is a lifestyle mainted by our values: ethic & honest practices. 

Our story

The founder of Healthy Wear is special because she has never felt like one of the crowd since day one. She is always pursuing in different ways to do things on her own. When she started to discover the "professional world" she wanted to be a company director, and she was very lucky working in the best companies, but she never felt that this was her place, she never felt aligned with the values of the company and the people who worked there and she starts a big life transition. Getting to know herself.

She began to learn and inform herself about psychology, spirituality, manifestation, meditation, to be aware of herself, of her inner power, that we have a power called love that can transform everything and expand whatever you want. We are constantly changing, evolution is the key.

"To be honest, the path was not easy. The studies and the first jobs were very easy for me, but when I left that career that didn't fulfill me, I felt that I had to leave.
that didn't fulfill me, I felt lost, rejected all the time by jobs and I had to put things in order and find my purpose.

I was not used to losing. I always won easily even if I didn't try very hard.  

It was hard for me to experience that situation but thanks to that I am here building my business.

Doing yoga helped me to start my personal path and to look for experiences that made me feel aligned with my values (honesty, integrity and kindness) and now I have a conscious and determined purpose and I want to do something different and creative."
Born in the Mediterranean and inspired by sustainability, wellness, healthy habits, fashion, art, music, culture and travel, I decided to put all my business know how + creativity + skincare + optimistic vision.

I hope to help you in your self-care routine and offer you the best products ever and the most importantly to me is to make a positive impact on the community and helping people live a better and conscious life through love, trust and respect.


" Be true to yourself "

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