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Gabriela Maskrey: The artist

This is Gabriela, the creative artist we have collaborated with on our sustainable packaging and she is the author of the illustration. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing her.

Where do you come from? and where do you live?

I was born in London and i raised in Lima, Peru. I actually live in Mexico City.

I have lived in many places. I went to school in Peru but also in Geneva, I studied architecture in Edinburgh, I lived for a moment in London, then Barcelona, ​​then Bordeaux, then Costa Rica and now Mexico. I worked for a few architecture and design studios, but not too much. I have been working independently for a long time. I have met and collaborated with amazing people.

Have you always dedicate yourself to art as your job?

I have always liked to draw and paint but I have only been doing it formally since 2015.

Have you previously worked in another area?

My other work is focused on book design. I am currently working on this with my studio Te MATA (@temataaa /

What inspires you the most to carry out your works? Music, surfing, some cultural movement... nature?

What I like the most is connecting with the present moment in which I am painting. I think the inspiration comes from memories and the subconscious. Tropical is definitely what moves me the most right now and well, the sea and music, always.

Some mantra or motto as a philosophy of life.

Keep on, keeping on.


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